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In this challenging time, our team wants to make our contribution to students to access quality education. We offer our three online high school research courses on social sciences for free for high school students! You can do your summer research at home! Fill out the form below if you are interested, and we hope for your feedback.

Start research from zero to your own

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Learn the Basics

Pioneer Your Own Research

Solve a Real Case

  Understand the fundamental research skills and methods. We will start the methods in social science research and expand to other disciplines soon.

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Solve a Real Case

Pioneer Your Own Research

Solve a Real Case

  Solve real cases in different subjects from economics to sociology by applying knowledge learned in Stage 1. It is time to practice your data analysis skills!

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Pioneer Your Own Research

Pioneer Your Own Research

Pioneer Your Own Research

  Start your own research from scratch! Our world-class professors and instructors will guide you every step through developing your own research questions to writing a research paper.  Let's start your summer research!